LISC Beer Holder


After many years of watching people carrying and spilling drinks at matches and personally experiencing the painstaking task of going to the bar and collecting a round, then having no option but to carry them back in a flimsy cardboard tray. It became apparent that an alternative and safer means of transporting drinks was required.

Enter the London Irish Supporters Club Beer Carrier.

Sturdy Construction. Manufactured to use with confidence..

Our Drink Carrier is a Patented design and manufactured in England with great emphasis on quality and reliability. In the design and manufacturing process only top quality engineering plastics are used rather than cheaper commodity plastics. This gives the carrier strength, durability and a general feeling of sturdiness when in use. Our carrier simply folds out to carry 3 or 4 cups with perfect balance.


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Struggling to carry more than two drinks at once?
Fed up with flimsy cardboard beer carriers?
Dismayed with soggy egg box trays?

The London Irish Supporters Club beer holder is your saviour!

Constructed in durable beer-proof plastic, our drinks carrier can safely and securely hold 2, 3 or 4 beers (or coffee, if that’s your thing).  You only need one hand to hold the carrier, leaving your other hand free to open doors, tap people on the shoulder, push your way through a crowd or simply wave at other people.

Some of us have been using these for years, and they always get admiring and jealous glances from opposition supporters when we transport our beverages with ease while they struggle with damp cardboard and embarrassing spillages.

We thought we had sold the last one at a St.Patricks game at the MadStad, however during a recent re-organisation of the London Irish Supporters Club main warehouse (to make room for our stock of OddBalls hats) we found a batch of holders that had been undisturbed since our 20th Anniversary.

Now is the time to add one of these rare and highly desirable items to your collection.